Team Captain and Leader Resources

As the leader of an Etsy Team, you help creative businesses thrive by connecting sellers to one another for advice, inspiration, and collaboration. You’re supporting them and, in turn, we love to support you! This resource guide will provide you with education, content, and assets to help you run your community.

Table of contents

Team Organizer Education and Inspiration

Here are Seller Handbook articles devoted to providing advice and inspiration for Team organizers, including firsthand guidance from other Captains and Leaders.

What's in a Team?
Teams have been one of the driving forces of the Etsy community since day one. Learn about how you can be a part of the magic.

How to Team Up With Other Sellers to Market Your Shop
There can be strength in numbers when it comes to marketing. Learn how some Etsy Teams join forces to promote their shops cost-effectively.

How to Organize a Craft Show
If your Etsy Team is ready to host a craft show of their own, here are a few tips to get you motivated.

Promote Your Etsy Team: 3 Alternatives to Contests
Contest law can be very tricky to navigate. Here, Etsy Admin offer alternatives for promotions – without the legal red tape.

10 Years of Etsy Teams
Five stories of inspiration, teamwork and creativity from Etsy Teams around the globe.

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Creating a Team

Team Branding Tool Kit

We created a promotional branding toolkit with diverse assets for you and your team members to use in your online and offline branding. While you are encouraged to use the assets provided, as always, please adhere to the team branding guidelines and our Terms of Use.

Etsy’s Ultimate Guides

Etsy has developed in-depth guides for a diverse range of business topics, from branding to photography to marketing. Any seller can use these guides to bolster their business, but we think it’s more fun—and effective!—to use these as a Team. The simplest way to use the guide is for you and your members to read one section or the whole guide, and then discuss an action you plan to take based on the advice you read. If you want to use the guide in a more in-depth way, you can organize listing critiques, or work through the guide section-by-section as a type of challenge that your Team takes together.

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing
Learn everything you need to know about promoting your business online, including social media and email tactics, SEO, getting press, and advertising.

The Ultimate Guide to Branding
Learn everything you need to know about creating a cohesive and memorable brand presence, from refining product packaging to customizing your shop home.

The Ultimate Guide to Product Photography
Learn everything you need to know about how to take photos that get shoppers to click and buy, including tips on lighting, shooting, editing, and more.

The Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search
Get an inside look at how Etsy search works and learn strategies for optimizing your shop and listings.

The Ultimate Guide to Taxes
Stress less about taxes with the Etsy + QuickBooks guide to filing your business taxes, tracking expenses, and collecting state sales tax.

Educational Workshops

For years, Etsy Teams have organized both in-person and online workshops for their members. Resources for you to share with your team to come!