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Updated 11/22 - Your shop stats, now with a brand new design

Hi everyone,

Starting today, you’ll begin seeing your shop stats in a new, easier-to-navigate design. We’ve kept all the information you find most important at the top, while making it easy to see where your shop traffic is coming from. We’ve also added some helpful new features like conversion rate. You can check out the new shop stats here. If you don’t see the new design yet, it’s because we’re slowly making it available to all sellers over the next few days—so make sure to check back.

Over the next few weeks, we'll also be adding features like year-over-year data points for each metric on the overall shop performance graph.

Check out How to Get the Most Out of Your Shop Stats in the Seller Handbook where we put together helpful advice on breaking down your shop data along with understanding your shop’s conversion rate and tips on improving it.

We also invite you to join us here in the Forums on Monday, October 14 at 10am ET for your chance to ask the Etsy team questions about the new shop stats. We’ll get sellers most liked questions answered by the end of the week.

Have feedback on the new shop stats design you’d like to share in the meantime? Let us know by filling out this seller survey .

We hope the new shop stats will help you have a more successful holiday season, and we’re excited to bring even more powerful features to shop stats in the next few months, so keep an eye out for more updates!

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Re: Your shop stats, now with a brand new design

Hi everyone, 

Bumping this Announcement post to share some exciting updates to the new Shop Stats experience! Click the images for a closer look.

  • We’ve added favorites as a metric in the ‘Shoppers viewed your listings’ section
    • You can now see and sort by favorites for each of your listingsV1.5 Favorites.png


  • We’ve added a listing status dropdown to the ‘Shoppers viewed your listings’ section
    • You can now filter which listings to see in the listings table
    • You can see all your listings or choose between Active, Expired, Inactive or Sold Out listings

V1.5 Status.png


  • We’re now showing the full revenue number in the metrics overview section
    • You can see your exact revenues numbers (down to the cents) for the selected time period
  • We’ve added a YOY comparison chart for all metrics in the metrics overview section

    • For each metric (Visits, Orders, Conversion Rate, Revenue), you can now toggle to  see how your current performance compares to the same period the previous year directly in the graph
    • These data points for the previous period will display on the graph as a dotted line along with your data for the current period

V1.5 Toggle.png

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